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The Mauna Kea Resort Real Estate Update is for the beautiful 1,839-acre resort located on the West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. This Kohala Coast resort contains two world class hotels, the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and the Westin Hapuna Beach ResortMauna Kea ResortThese hotels are located along some of the most pristine white sand beaches in all of Hawaii.

The luxurious homes located in Mauna Kea Resort are second to none, with everything from private oceanfront homes to condos with sweeping ocean views. The Mauna Kea Resort also offers its resident’s access to two Championship Golf Courses, the Seaside Tennis Club, a Fitness Center, and the Mauna Kea Spa. Some of the many restaurants in the Mauna Kea Resort include Number 3, the Hua Tree, the Copper Bar Cafe, the Clambake, and the Manta.

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At the time of this writing (April 27th), there were 7 single-family homes for sale and no homes in escrow within the Mauna Kea Resort, while there are currently just 2 condos for sale, and none in Waiulaula at Mauna Keaescrow. The highest priced of the available homes for sale is listed at $22,900,000 and is located at 62-4422 Amuai Nani Pl in Hapuna Estates, while the lowest priced home is located at 62-3456 Hoolani Pl in Mauna Kea Fairways South and is listed at $5,695,000.

The highest priced condo on the market is listed at $4,500,000 and is located at 62-1807 Amaui Leo Way in Amaui Villas, while the lowest priced condo is listed at $3,900,000 and is Unit #350 inMauna Kea Resort Waiulaula at Mauna Kea. There were no single-family homes sold in the 1st quarter of 2023, but the condo market did slightly better, with 2 condos being sold during this same period.

The lowest priced condo to sell in Mauna Kea Resort during the 1st Quarter went for $2,725,000 from a list price of $2,775,000 and is Unit #C101, in Waiulaula at Mauna Kea, while the highest priced condo sold for $5,638,050 from a list price of $5,695,000 and is Unit #39 at the Villas at Mauna Kea.

Analysis: The Mauna Kea Resort has historically been a low inventory market, and with only 2 condos sold, no single-family homes sold, and no homes or condos is escrow, the Mauna Kea Real Estate Update shows us that sales in Q1 were also historically low.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Mauna Kea Resort, or anywhere on the Kohala Coast, contact me today. I will help make your Hawaiian Real Estate Dreams come true. Mahalo

Mauna Kea Real Estate Update for Q1 2023 Highlights

  • Number of homes currently for sale – 7
  • Number of homes currently in escrow – 0
  • Number of condos currently for sale – 2
  • Number of condos currently in escrow – 0
  • Highest priced home currently for sale – $22,900,000: 62-4422 Amuai Nani Pl, Hapuna Estates
  • Highest priced condo currently for sale – $4,500,000: 62-1807 Amaui Lea Way, Amaui Villas
  • Lowest priced home currently in escrow – $5,695,000: 62-3456 Hoolani Pl, Mauna Kea Fairways North
  • Lowest priced condo currently for sale – $3,900,000 Waiulaula at Mauna Kae #350, Uplanda at Mauna Kea
  • Number of homes sold in Q1 (Jan – Mar) – 0
  • Number of Condos sold in Q1 (Jan – Mar) – 2
  • Highest priced home sold in Q1 – None
  • Highest priced condo sold in Q1 – $5,638,050 Villas at Mauna Kea #39
  • Lowest priced home sold in Q1 – None
  • Lowest priced condo sold in Q1 – $2,725,000 Waiulaula at Mauna Kea #C101

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